There is no tourism

by Andrea Deplano

A brief reflection on tourism on our island.

We often hear about tourism in Sardinia. The point is, what tourism? It is a statement that on one hand makes you smile, it is a common belief that the tourism sector on our island is well underway.

This fact can make angry, because our land is a micro continent, and we would have nothing to envy to landscapes of Scotland or the white beaches of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, these beauties are often abandoned to themselves and we limit ourselves to showing the tourist the “most banal” part of our island, giving an image of it that does not correspond to reality.

It is known that Sardinia is renowned for its many beaches and a sea that is the envy of world, but that’s not all. In the heart of our land, from the woods of Ogliastra to the peaks of Gennargentu, there is a wild world, a world full of history and traditions, which perhaps one in a hundred tourists knows.

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